Caleb Hensinger

Pianist, Organist, Trumpeter, Composer, and Arranger



Caleb Hensinger is a consumate musician who regularly performs and records in the Boston are and can be seen playing at various venues around the city, but where did he come from??


Well, It all started in San Luis Obispo, CA when as a young high school who loved music, he decided to make it his career. Playing trumpet at the time, Caleb would attend the Idyllwild Arts Academy where he would play in the symphony, jazz groups, and various ensembles, play at jazz festivals with the school, learn to compose, and apply to be accepted with scholarship to Berklee College of Music.


At Berklee, Caleb would study with the amazing trumpet professor Charles Lewis and practice trumpet with all his heart, yet it was when his friend played some gospel organ for him that his life changed. 


Caleb would follow this man around and steal all the licks he could and even begin to play for a baptist church and the transformation began. By playing every week for a small church on Blue Hill Ave, Caleb would begin to practice the organ with all his heart and play at various churches and begin to perform with The Family Dinner, The New Review, Skunk Jesus, Mellisa Bolling, The Woo Factor, Sympli Whitney, Gillian Delear, and other local musicians. While getting lessons with greats like, Dennis Montgomery, Esther Kwok,  and Kevin Harris.


Caleb currently performs for Messiah Baptist Church and his new group, The Caleb Hensinger Experience along with his trio are playing regularly in the Boston area.


To check them out, feel to free to come by one of their shows for an awesome night of great music, making friends, dancing, and just having fun. 

They hope to see you soon!!